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We seek to become a community where:
1. The reasons for and against each belief are presented clearly.
2. People are free to discuss, challenge, and add upon them openly.
3. Controversial questions are acknowledged, respected, and answered.
4. Personal reasons can be shared without mockery or condemnation.
5. Discussions from other places online can relocate and expand.

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Thank you for posting. That's a good point, and will be added to the page eventually. (I'm not...
(by Venryx 16 Dec 2013 06:55, posts: 2)
Both 2:62 and 5:69 clearly state that they are in reference to the Jews and Christians prior to...
(by Truth_b_told (guest) 14 Dec 2013 17:10, posts: 2)
These seem to be very detailed responses. When I have the time and motivation, I hope to go back...
(by Venryx 24 Apr 2013 03:40, posts: 5)

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