Websites which are open to contributions from anyone online are one of the best places for conflicts to arise. This concern becomes a lot more serious when you consider the kinds of topics critiqued and challenged here. We don't wish to offend anyone, but we strongly believe that there needs to be an online resource where people can come and examine their beliefs in an objective way. And the only way to truly accomplish this is to allow the evidence against each claim to speak out alongside the things that support it. Although the topics we discuss are often contentious, we hope that you'll understand that our intent is not to cause harm or destroy anyone's views. We only want to assist you in your search, by providing you with a comprehensive and objective resource.

The guidelines below have been written to ensure that the content on this website is moderated, fair, and accurate. Please read them over carefully and try to adhere to them.


  • Vandalism: Please no spamming, linking to unrelated websites, or disrupting of existing website content. If you need to test something out, please do it on the sandbox page.
  • Under-information: Please do not stretch the truth or forward what you know to be suspect. Let the other person know if the information you provide is unreliable or fallacious in any way.
  • Misrepresentation: Please do not misrepresent the views of your opponent or change the wording of something to lessen its appeal — don't manipulate their questions/claims to strengthen your own responses.
  • Profanity: Please do not use offensive words or concepts in any of the pages or forums on this website. This includes moderate to strong swearing. Please keep this website safe and agreeable for readers of all ages.
  • Mockery: Please do not mock, belittle, or condemn the opinions of other members. You may point out the absurdity of individual arguments, but don't do so in such a way that you end up mocking the people behind it.

Banning Information

Our general policy in regards to breaking the rules is: warning, 1-day ban, 9-day ban, 81-day ban, permanent ban. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, this process may or may not be followed; bad behavior can result in a permanent ban, whether it's twice or ten times, it is up to the admins.

If you have been banned, and wish to either lodge a complaint or make a case for your un-ban, you can send an email to: moc.liamg|xyrnev#moc.liamg|xyrnev

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