The definitions for the terms below can be found in the glossary.

How to organize multiview discussion pages

1. Each subpage is to contain exactly one packaged reason. (individual points are easier to respond to)
2. The parent is to link to each of these sub-pages only once. (reasons considered supportive of both sides should be split into separate pages)

How to organize contradiction discussion pages

1. Each inconsistency page is to have a 'lead verse' at the top. (whatever in-page verse precedes all of the others in the original document)
2. All of the verses which make the same conflicting claim as the lead verse are to be listed directly below it, not separated by an empty line.
3. All of the verses which conflict with the lead verse's claim (whether by themselves or as a group) are to be listed further below, and separated by an empty line.
4. Verses which disagree with each other are not to be listed as such on more than one page. (unless they disagree on multiple topics in which they are secondary verses)

How to organize reasons that support one belief but oppose another

1. These reasons are to be listed in the 'Supporting' section of whichever beliefs they support.
2. These parent pages are to be linked to as 'Implicators' from the pages where the reasons would be listed under 'Opposing'.

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