Jeremiah 34:4-5

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Jeremiah 34:4-5: Yet hear the word of the Lord, O Zedekiah king of Judah! Thus says the Lord concerning you: ‘You shall not die by the sword. You shall die in peace; as in the ceremonies of your fathers, the former kings who were before you, so they shall burn incense for you and lament for you, saying, “Alas, lord!” For I have pronounced the word, says the Lord.’ ”

Jeremiah 52:10-11: Then the king of Babylon killed the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes. And he killed all the princes of Judah in Riblah. He also put out the eyes of Zedekiah; and the king of Babylon bound him in bronze fetters, took him to Babylon, and put him in prison till the day of his death.

Jeremiah 34 says that God told Zedekiah he would die in peace, but Jeremiah 52 says that Zedekiah was blinded and died in captivity.

The Hebrew word for 'in peace', shalom, was being contrasted with death by the sword—it may have just meant that Zedekiah wouldn't die in battle.

This doesn't explain the promise that people would burn incense for him.

Perhaps they did—incense can be burned for someone even if they're in captivity.


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