Quran 15:6-8

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Quran 15:6-8: And they say, "O you upon whom the message has been sent down, indeed you are mad. Why do you not bring us the angels, if you should be among the truthful?" We do not send down the angels except with truth; and the disbelievers would not then be reprieved.

Quran 16:2: He sends down the angels, with the inspiration of His command, upon whom He wills of His servants, telling them, "Warn that there is no deity except Me; so fear Me."

Chapter 15 says that Allah doesn't send down the angels, but Chapter 16 says that Allah sends down the angels.

The statement from chapter 15 is taken entirely out of context; just read the next few words: "We do not send down the angels except with the truth".

Allah's sending down angels with the truth doesn't conflict at all with the statement from chapter 16; in fact, it supports it.

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