Quran 20:85-95

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Quran 20:85-95: Allah said, "But indeed, We have tried your people after you departed, and the Samiri has led them astray." […] They said, "We did not break our promise to you by our will, but we were made to carry burdens from the ornaments of the people of Pharaoh, so we threw them into the fire, and thus did the Samiri throw." […] Moses said, "And what is your case, O Samiri?"

The Quran states that Moses, who lived around 1400 B.C.1, encountered a group of Samaritans and spoke their name.

But the city of Samaria, from which the name originated, wasn't even founded until around 870 B.C.2, and the Samaritans weren't a people until the area was resettled in 721 B.C.3

Moses couldn't have known the name 'Samaria' until the founding of the city, and he couldn't have encountered the Samaritan people until they existed.

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