Quran 6:100-101

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Quran 6:100-101: But they have attributed to Allah partners - the jinn, while He has created them - and have fabricated for Him sons and daughters without knowledge. Exalted is He and high above what they describe. He is Originator of the heavens and the earth. How could He have a son when He does not have a companion and He created all things? And He is, of all things, Knowing.

Quran 39:4: If Allah had intended to take a son, He could have chosen from what He creates whatever He willed. Exalted is He; He is Allah, the One, the Prevailing.
Multiple Verses: God is omnipotent.

Chapter 6 says that Allah is unable to have a son, but chapter 39 says that Allah is able to have a son, and multiple verses say that God is omnipotent.

An omnipotent God would not be unable to have a son.

1. Allah is unable to have a son != Allah is able to have a son.
2. Allah is unable to have a son != Allah is omnipotent.

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