Orphaned Pages

Below is the list of pages that do not have any incoming links from other pages — at least no internal links produced using the '[[[page-name]]]' syntax. If a page is listed here, it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong, since there might be special pages that do not (and should not, e.g. some forum pages) have incoming links. But it is recommended to check this list from time to time.

List of orphaned pages

3D Tag Cloud (system:3d-tag-cloud)
Alerts (system:alerts)
Bible Accuracies (deleted:bible-accuracies)
Bible Inconsistencies (special:bible-inconsistencies)
Default CSS (system:default-css)
Deleted Pages (system:deleted-pages)
Drafted Pages (system:drafted-pages)
Forum Category (forum:category)
Forum Thread (forum:thread)
Home (home)
Koran Contradictions (special:koran-contradictions)
Koran Inconsistencies (special:koran-inconsistencies)
New Forum Thread (forum:new-thread)
Orphaned Pages (system:orphaned-pages)
Quran Accuracies (deleted:quran-accuracies)
Quran Inconsistencies (special:quran-inconsistencies)
Random (nav:random)
Recent Threads (forum:recent-threads)
Shared Pages (system:shared-pages)
Side (nav:side)
Sitemap - Level 1 (system:sitemap-level-1)
Sitemap - Level 2 (system:sitemap-level-2)
Sitemap - Level 3 (system:sitemap-level-3)
Special Pages (system:special-pages)
Page tags (system:page-tags)
Template Pages (system:template-pages)
Todo (todo)
Top (nav:top)
Wanted Pages (system:wanted-pages)
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